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How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed
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Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant

Tom Justin’s message will inspire, teach and entertain you!”

“How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed” is the most requested seminar I’ve given in over 25 years. Now it’s also a book.

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NEW! Have the entire book in minutes, right on your screen.
The E-Book

Are you problem conscious or solution conscious?

Would you like to:

  • Discover new solutions for improving your life?
  • Reduce stress and anxiety quickly and easily?
  • Interact with others with ease?
  • Overcome and use the power of rejection in every area of your life?
  • Overcome shyness?
  • Improve your love life through clearer communication?
  • Discover what true control of your life really means–then how to do it?
  • Create more business or increase your income?
TOM JUSTIN's work is about solutions. He has been a coach and consultant to movie stars, corporate executives and Fortune 500 Corporations. As a professional communicator for over twenty years, he regularly speaks to crowds numbering in the thousands. Yet, in high school he was so shy, he refused to have his picture taken for the yearbook. The journey from his modest beginnings to top salesman, entertainer, corporate executive, coach, speaker, and TV and radio host is in itself worthy of a book. Toms’ most requested seminar is “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed,” which is now a 35,000 word book, audio and video.

“If rejection is like a disease, creeping up, then overcoming us and stopping us cold, then Tom Justin is the ‘Jonas Salk’ of rejection. His How To Take NO For An Answer And Still Succeed program is the perfect vaccine for every kind of rejection life can throw at us.”–
JACK CANFIELD, co-author, Chicken Soup For The Soul Series



Tom Justin knows what he’s teaching and he does it well.”
– OG MANDINO, author, The Greatest Salesman In The World



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