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Larry King said of him, "Tom Justin is a terrific story teller. His message will inspire teach and entertain you!" Tom is the author of the multimedia system that is also the title of his most requested seminar, "How To Take 'No' For An Answer and Still Succeed" (How To Turn Everyday Rejections Ito Profit and Abundance).

Tom has been a professional communicator for over 20 years. His expertise is in personal development, sales and attitudinal training. His humorous approach coupled with easy-to-use techniques has been a hit with audiences wherever he has appeared.

As a lecturer, Tom educates his audiences with facts and humor. As an inspirational speaker he has brought thousands to tears with his heart-felt personal story that has served his audiences throughout North America with guidelines for succeeding and surviving in our ever-changing world.

Born and raised in North Dakota, he was so shy he refused to even have his photos taken for his high school yearbook. Within a few short years of graduation he was performing stand up comedy in front of audiences from Texas to California. The story of this young man's transformation from a shy small town kid to entertainer, journalist, restaurant executive, professional speaker and writer is fascinating.

In Hollywood, Tom worked as an associate producer with legendary director and seven-time Academy Award winner, John Ford. He also produced and hosted several radio and television talk shows and interviewed celebrities from John Wayne to the cast of the number one TV show of that time, Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. He was also a special reporter for Metromedia News, now the Fox Network.

A series of unusual events changed Tom's professional life. As a result of one of his TV talk shows, he was invited to give a speech. He found it exhilarating and began giving more of them. He was fascinated with the power of the mind and did several television shows on the subject, and as a result, was invited to do a six-week lecture series at UCLA.

Earlier in his career, between show business jobs, Tom worked successfully as a salesman and sales trainer. Later, with his research on motivation and powers of the mind, he began giving inspirational talks to sales and marketing groups.

As a writer, he has served as executive editor and Co-writer for Entrepreneur Magazine (books division) for the five volume series The Entrepreneur Institute, later renamed Small Business Encyclopedia. He has written (and/or produced) several documentary films and co-authored a screenplay. He is the author of the book and audiotape series, Relationship Breakthroughs.

Tom has become known as an entrepreneurial specialist and has acted as an advisor or lecturer for companies such as American Airlines, Rexall, Entrepreneur Magazine, Century 21, Eastern Airlines, Nikken, Petrolane, Nu-Skin, Larome (USA) and many others.

Tom has been featured in Reader's Digest and ABC Radio's Paul Harvey News. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He is currently working on his next book and tape program, a documentary film and giving seminars and workshops. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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