Coaching, It’s Everywhere, But Here’s What You Don’t Know

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Solutions to problems. Most problems create knowledge for those who seek to solve them. But finding those solutions can be time, energy, and even life draining. Going to the wrong source will only worsen all of that.

I’m amazed at the proliferation of “coaches” coaching academies, training programs, etc. to become a coach (they proclaim, “Anyone can become a coach!”) and the variable specialties of this current day crop.

I’ve always had some form of coaching available to me throughout my life, and I am better for it. What’s so distasteful to me is the blanket of novices who have no business calling themselves “experts.” The phony diploma or “certification” mills, churning out disillusioned “experts” or fraudsters off to find a new mark.

By the way, there are a few good certifications through legitimate coaching academies and associations too. But you can’t take anything at face value today, you have to check them out if that’s how you’re making your decision.

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I also dislike, but will use, the term, “coach.” A coach sounds like a RAH, RAH! motivational “bunk meister” when what is needed is a raw, raw, tell it like it is, but gently, expertise and guidance within the areas where you need assistance.

A coach can be an expert in a particular field or someone who deals with a range of issues in daily life, often called a Life Coach. It’s probably difficult to find an interest or occupation that doesn’t have someone listed as specialty coach.

 I can’t rail against the industry, in general, even some of these very young people who are self-proclaimed experts in whatever they’re promoting can have a depth of specific knowledge that will be helpful.  As you can see on my coaching page I began in my early 20’s, albeit by “accident” as an “advisor,” coaching was sports only then.

There are some great experts in specific fields, mixed in with great promoters who are promotion experts but don’t have the expertise you’ll need. I do think, based on some of the people I’ve come across, that you have to be cautious about your choices in coaching. No coach should be a decision maker, but some people want to be told what to do. Consider expert advice but not someone else’s decisions for you.

 So, while I love coaching, I just hate that part of the industry that’s fraudulent. I would simply urge you to be cautious when you seek out a coach. There’s never been a better array of choices.

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