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Personal Coaching for Business and For Life


PRIVATE LINE is an affordable plan exclusively for you! Fortune 500 Trainer and marketing and strategy expert Tom Justin will assist in your plan, your execution, and your eventual success. You will have a private line directly to Tom Justin for one-on-one consultation specifically tied to your personal strategy and goals.

Tom Justin was doing personal "coaching" before it was called coaching. As a young man in the entertainment industry, Tom was meeting numerous stars in all mediums. One day, the star of a major TV series confided in Tom about a challenge he was having. Tom's response so intrigued him that he began a series of regular meetings with him to assist him in major career and life decisions.

While Tom did not seek out clients for this unusual service, they began to find him. As he became more involved in the business world and away from the entertainment industry, he began his marketing, coaching and strategy-consulting career. Again, he didn't seek this avenue out. As a result of his speaking and getting to know client's companies he began giving strategy advice and was hired as one client said, "A fire extinguisher." On retainer and available by phone, email and fax to review and advise on matters of urgency and time.

He has worked with numerous companies and individuals. He found an affinity with companies that used independent or commission paid salespeople. His materials fit perfectly with entrepreneur and sales groups, and he has done everything from simple marketing advice to complete start-up programs. In addition, he has advised other types of companies as well, from Fortune 500's to start-ups.

Today, Tom limits his coaching and consulting to very few clients, especially in the personal coaching areas.

The best leaders attribute much of their early success to the coaching they have received. Hiring the best delivers superior results in accelerated time frames. The best are engaged for premium value. The idea is how to work with a leading coach, while your project builds.

You will need varied guidance as you walk through the minefield of daily challenges. By using Tom's strategy and marketing advice you will help to further the success of you and your associates.

Tom Justin's coaching is open to a limited number of clients and may be closed at any time.

For Availability And Fees
Please contact privateline@tomjustin.com

NOTICE: Because of the personal service involved in Private Line, there are a limited number of slots available for new clients. Availability cannot be guaranteed beyond this offering.

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