Here’s a magic wand, but does it work?

A potential client was advertising through a service I get for a coach. He needs someone to assist him in transitioning to a new job or career. He indicated that money is an issue.

The first thing I told him was that all coaches have magic wands, but they don’t work.

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What does work? What do coaches do that can make a difference their ROI ( Return On Investment) enough to make it worthwhile?

That’s a the best question we should all ask before engaging coaches, consultants, etc.

The return isn’t always in dollars either. It might be peace of mind, having the freedom to brainstorm a new idea with someone who will be honest without a hidden agenda.

I found that celebrities are often quite lonely, not because they don’t have a lot of people to talk with but because they know that their stature almost guarantees agreement and praise, regardless of their merits.

I had regular meetings with one of the most famous faces in the world because of that issue, and we also struck up a friendship. My only agenda was to offer myself as a sounding board and share my opinions, and never hold back, which I didn’t. He wasn’t used to that, but he knew it was my opinion, and I was sincere.

One long-term client is a psychiatrist and high-level research scientist. He was seeking a professorship at a major university but was running into stumbling blocks of the human kind. I devised a strategy that ultimately landed him the position. Irony abounds since I failed biology in school.

All I did was wave my magic wand…oops, not so much. That’s never worked.
There are all kinds of coaches. Some are niche specific. Some who work individually with certain professions like chiropractors, dentists, etc.

There are life coaches, who deal with…life, I guess. I’ve been called that too. But it’s the least distinctive title I have.

From my earliest days in corporate consulting, I’ve been a strategist. I’ve been at the forefront of launching numerous companies from a few hundred thousand dollars to billion dollar concerns. Some of those required me to move into their offices with staff and be full time through an intense project.

I like coaching better. I prefer the intimacy of one-on-one through the Internet or phone, as opposed to working with a boardroom full of executives. Local clients can be met with in person, but outcomes are just as powerful, regardless of the settings.

The principles for coaching and consulting are the same. We all have our specific experiences from with to fall back and perspectives that any new client will see in short order.

My strategies, whether for a billion dollar airline consulting client to a business start up, have points and considerations that are, just like my clients, as unique as snowflakes.
The coach is always tasked with either helping the client get what he or she wants or, in some cases, define that question first. Sometimes career changes are what emerge. Then, how to make them.

The best coaches I know share at least one common trait, aside from experience. They all use the big “I.” Many won’t mention it; some don’t even know they have it.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know what it is, INTUITION.

There are those who call themselves “Intuitive Coaches.” Some potential clients think that’s either too woo-woo or that these are psychics trying to look “legit.”

Every successful person that I’ve asked this question of has answered yes. “Do you find that intuition has helped you in your life and career?”

That’s why I give my technique for tapping into your intuition away for free. It’s something we all have. That was taken from a course I taught at UCLA’s Experimental College years ago. I’ve expanded that program, and it’s now an online 6-part series.

As I expand or fill slots in my coaching practice, it’s difficult sometimes for people to get a feeling for how I operate. My one-hour sessions are now at $750. They might cover anything from Internet business to expansion strategies to former corporate types becoming entrepreneurs. It might be helping to navigate personal “mine fields” like career changes or even divorce strategies.

What I do from time to time is release an exceptional opportunity for both the course, “The Wizard’s Edge” and a sample coaching session. The coaching session is now reduced to $97 and the class from a high of $197 down to only $47.

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I have to limit the coaching opportunities to no more than ten. Still, it’s only about one out of ten who become clients. Not everyone is a fit for me nor I for them. Many simply don’t have the dollars to continue, so I do what I can. I may open a group coaching opportunity one of these days as well.

Along with this special, for those who enter into longer term agreements with me, those entire packages are reduced to half price after our initial session.
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NOTE: I had an epiphany while coaching a client recently. It’s how to use our minds like Einstein. He showed how, but most of us missed it over the years. Even though I have a dozen quotes on intuition from him, I just figured it out, duh.  That’s in a short webinar you can see now.

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