How’s That Stupid Idea Coming Along?

That might be the question Gary Dahl’s friends asked him when he told them he was going sell “Pet Rocks.” He later made millions from his crazy idea, ignoring the snorting joking and teasing he got from his friends and associates.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson were told by the greatest minds in publishing (over 100 of them!) that their idea for a book called “Chicken Soup For The Soul” wouldn’t be worth the risk. They’ve sold over half-billion books in that series.

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But what about those who have good ideas but don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to complete them? Whether a new book or invention, business start-up or even strategies for getting a better job or position at work.

Completion Assistance

There’s a reason clients have called me “The Wizard Of AHAs.” My work involves creative strategies and professional brainstorming with clients that have ranged from entrepreneurs, including Entrepreneur Magazine, scientists, movie stars, authors, and well, you name it. Even a psychic and at least one politician.

Every client has had an idea for something besides what they do. Many are books that never get finished. Or when finished they don’t know what to do.

Scoop the money off the table

We hear about “leaving money on the table” all the time. Things we miss, even when profitable, that could increase those profits. I see that with my regular clients all the time.

But there are great ideas never realized because people either don’t know how to implement them or if they do, how to finish.

The starting of a new business, the book that needs help in completion or next stage marketing. The strategies for moving up the ladder as either an executive or entrepreneur are often stalled because they don’t know how to seek help, or would rather not disclose this need to associates or even friends.

Even if you reach out to friends and family, they only know what you’ve done. They don’t always think about your potential and how can they give you ideas and often are either too critical or too ignorant (not stupid) about your world to be able to help.

In my seminar, I have a phrase that applies to this. “The robbers and thieves that most of us face are our friends and neighbors who are quick to tell us what we can’t do. They steal our dreams with well-intentioned comments that can shift our direction away from achieving what we most desire in life.”

Only three slots available at an unbelievable discount

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I’m now offering a full six months of concentrated one-on-one coaching to complete a designated project. This will be 100% focused on your project or idea.

We will do creative brainstorming, including any resources I may have available for you, from contacts to data sources to software.

There will be accountability at each level. You won’t be scolded if you slow or drop back, but we’ll explore why you’re not moving at the pace you wanted to set. Getting and staying on track are the essentials for completion.

Right now my completion assistance is $3,000 for eight (hour long) sessions. Usually over two months.

The special I’m offering will be for six months or 24 weekly sessions for the same price!


In part, this will be researched for something I’m doing next.

This will not replace regular coaching as we will be entirely focused on your project.

For example, I have a former client who has a great job but wants to start a new business and has a terrific idea. He needs help, and this kind of focused project would do that for him.

Another may want to focus on becoming president of his or her company or advancing up the ladder. Not unlike what I did to help a client achieve her professorship at a major university.

I’m only able to take on three new clients for Your Completion Assistance

I wanted to alert you in case you’re interested. This is unique and much more tightly focused than we can do in regular coaching where things change week to week.

Here’s the link to find out more:

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P.S. Here’s a short Q&A about this:

Q: I’ve been procrastinating on my “great idea” for a long time. How will this change now?
A: First, you’re not going to be alone with your idea. You’ll be able to brainstorm, talk it out, get to the core of what’s stopping you. You also have an investment that proves you believe in your idea and that is an added incentive for the push you need to move ahead.

Q: What if I finish my project before the time is up?
A: You will be able to use that time for coaching, marketing help, whatever you need for your project or other strategic and creative assistance.

Q: What If I change my mind about the project?
A: First, if I don’t think what you want to do is something I can help you with, I’ll tell you. If you do change your mind, we’ll work on either another project or continue with weekly strategy sessions about your business or life and explore the possibilities of replacing that idea with something that can excite and inspire you.

Q: What If I get stalled or can’t figure out what to do next with my project?
A: That is most people are or end up without help. That’s why you should never be alone with a good idea.

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