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It’s a rainy but beautiful morning in Las Vegas. But that’s not why I’m giving a $97 product away.

There are a lot of people who will be reading this who would probably be buying it soon for that price. Yet I’m giving it away for free with one little valuable string. Pull that string, and you’ll soon understand my thinking.
Not only that, anyone who has bought it for $97 in the past two weeks will be getting a credit for the difference. They’ll get their letter about that today too.
This, as a colleague of mine, pointed out, is not your typical sound financial move. At least not from a bottom line perspective. But he fully gets it because of what I’m giving away today. He gets it.
If you’ve read much of my material, been to a seminar or seen a webinar where I describe the difference between an “Intuitive Tickle” and an “Intuitive Click,” you too will understand this impulsive move.
I won’t repeat those definitions here except to say that My Intuitive Click made me do this and to be honest, I don’t know exactly why…yet.
When you learn to understand your Intuitive Click in can save your life, such as it did for me when I chose against all common sense, to drive instead of fly in a plane that crashed. 
When your Intuitive Click is so strong, and you know when to trust it, that you make a business move, such as this, against your better financial interests, you know it’s the best move. 
If this Intuitive Click stuff is confusing, it’s all explained in my gift, and you’ll understand why then and probably smile, knowingly. 
As I was going to sleep last night, the idea of what I’m doing today popped. My first reaction was that it would be foolish. But the feeling was so strong; I sat up for a moment. I thought, okay, if it feels this way tomorrow, heck if I even remember it, I’ll check it out. 
I came straight out of bed with it fresh on my mind, and the feeling was stronger than ever to do it. I went straight here to my keyboard to share this with you now. My Intuitive Click filled my head; DO IT!
Here it is:
You’ve been thinking about something you’ve wanted to do. Something bigger than normal. It pops into your mind from time to time. You may have made some notes, sounded it out with trusted friends or family. 
It could be anything, writing a book, starting a business, finally creating a relationship for life. 
You may be thinking about an idea that is “outside the box,” but you haven’t had anyone to kick the idea around with yet. 
How do you go from where you are now to completion? What’s the pathway? Where do you begin? 
Every great idea, invention, book or breakthrough had to start somewhere and most of these great things stalled at some point in their creator’s mind. 
Think of all the great things that were accomplished despite that. More importantly, think about the millions and millions of ideas that would have changed lives and even history if their “creators” had followed through but didn’t.
So, maybe your idea won’t be in the history books, but it might be in your accountant’s books one day. It could be that idea that you later look back on and thank your lucky stars you didn’t let it stay hidden. 
Now, I can’t guarantee, no matter how great your idea is, that it will be a winner. What I can promise is that I’ve been there done that before with myself and my clients for over 35 years.
You and I will do a major brainstorm together and set a path for you that will, hopefully, lead to completion. Of course, what you do with this information will be your decision.
There are two reasons I charge $750 for an hour of my time. First is my long time experience coaching people from all walks of life for over 35 years.
The second reason is, I don’t want a lot of my time taken up, so I hold a limited number of slots available at any given time.
But you won’t be paying that either.
Here’s what I’m doing today and why. 
First, I’m giving away the 6-part series, The Wizard’s Edge that sells for $97 right now. See,
You and I will spend at least an hour together brainstorming your idea or your dream. We’ll discuss the map you’ll need for completion but even more importantly, where to begin and how. 
You won’t pay $750 for that hour. Here’s the nutty part, you’re going to get the course and at least $750 worth of my time for…$47! 
A value of almost $800 but only if you can act fast.
If you already have The Wizard’s Edge, you can gift the new one to whomever you like.
The reason for my doing this is not clear to me any more than why I chose to drive that Sunday instead of taking Flight 182 that crashed. 
This, I’m sure is nowhere near that dramatic. But my IC is telling me that there is a reason. It may be a new business relationship or to help someone who’s on the verge a major breakthrough…I don’t know, and frankly, I may never know.
When you take The Wizard’s Edge course, you’ll understand why this is so important and how to read the difference between your own “Tickle” and “Click.” 
So, that’s it. 
I can’t do many of these, so get your order in now.
Later, you’ll get an email with my private number, and we’ll set up an appointment for our time together. 
If you have questions, shoot them back to this email return, but don’t wait too long. This is silly cheap, and I simply don’t have time for a lot of these. 
More power to you,
P.S. If you haven’t seen my coaching information and how I work, go to
Also, my hourly rate of $750 will be going up very soon.



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