Manifestation Engine? Breakthrough?


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“Be specific.” That’s the goal setting formula I was always taught and then taught in my seminars, writing, etc.

I was in session the other day with a long-time client of mine who is, among other things, a world-class medical research scientist. We’ve worked together on everything from peer positioning to gain a professorship to negotiating new office spaces, to navigating strategies through a horrific divorce.

We were speaking about manifestation, which is beyond goal setting. This can get a little woo-woo, but this scientist is wide-open to those possibilities and in fact, is an amazing manifester. In fact, it’s almost systematic. Getting what he needs or wants follows a distinct pattern that is almost always the same from a desire to completion.

You may have seen my material on the “Intuitive Click.” Well, I had a click during this call and started a long series of thoughts that was completed with this statement, “We set goals to get things. Why do we want things? To help or satisfy us in some way. How do we feel when we’re satisfied? Isn’t that the feeling we want?”

I call what he does, having a “manifestation engine.” I said, “What if you set your manifestation engine for satisfaction? But realizing that satisfaction is not an end point. We are satisfied after a good meal, but it doesn’t mean we won’t want another one.”

We both liked this concept, and we realized that it’s certainly arguable in concept. But what if we set our goals, or our own manifestation engines for “satisfaction,” whatever that means for us?

My first thought was someone who can barely afford a new car. They may not believe they are capable of getting a better car than that, nor can they see a way to do it. Getting that “basic” vehicle might be enough to satisfy them.

So, if that’s true, would we manifest to the degree of satisfaction that we believe we could achieve?

There’s more to come on this, but I do want your thoughts on this. Manifest for specific “things,” or satisfaction?

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Denise M. Michaels
Five years ago I set my goals around the holidays as I always have. Truth is, after I re-read them I felt no juice for them, no passion. It felt like the same thing I’d done before – maybe 10-20% more. I made a radical decision (for me) to have no goals. I promised myself to be open to what shows up – which reminds me of your word “satisfaction.” It turned into an incredible year that resulted in massive changes to my business, my level of passion for what I was doing shot upward and my income went up… Read more »