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A coaching client and now friend of mine asked a unique question. Part of it has been asked before, but the first part got me to thinking.

He said, “I enjoy your sense of humor in your writing and conversation, but I realized that in most of your coaching sessions your humor seldom emerges. Why not? And who are all those movie stars you’ve coached.”

He chuckled at that last part, which is a frequent question I get since it’s in my bio. I’ll answer both parts of his question for you too.

My usual sense of humor, which, I guess, some people like, is just a part of who I am. It’s literally saved my life. But some people see me as a very serious guy, especially clients with whom that’s the most contact we have.

I began coaching as a very young man, literally by “accident.” While I don’t disclose my clients unless they give permission or testimonials, etc. there are two who made no secret of it.

My very first coaching experience was with McLean Stevenson, who was most famous for playing Colonel Henry Blake in the hit TV series, MASH. Over coffee with him, I began offering ideas about his career and finding things that he knew to be true or would, after our talks.

He started asking me back to the set, and we did a few phone follow-ups. I didn’t know what I was doing; I was only 21 years old! I just tapped into that intuitive part of me that we all have in common.

He referred me to a few others until I finally started charging for my services, so they’d stop asking. But that brought even more business.

I was introduced to Bruce Willis, who I showed how to tap into his intuitive ability to help decide on the right scripts. He later included me in a full-page Variety Magazine ad in a list of people he said he wanted to thank but didn’t have time, after receiving a major award.

There I was 21-22 years old, sitting across from big wig entertainment execs, casting agents, and a few stars. It was fun but fearful. I was going with the flow until…

I got an early morning call from a friend of one of my clients. She asked if I was the psychic, Tom Justin. “What psychic?” I asked.

It seems that some people had been referring to me that way, and I wanted nothing to do with that title. It’s a longer story, of course, but I didn’t go back to coaching for several years.

Why no humor during my sessions? I thought about that question from my friend. I realized that when I’m doing that work, even though I might be dealing with specific issues, I have experiential knowledge about, the feeling I have while doing that is unique to any other mode.

I was in a weird mood recently and placed this on top of my FB page. leased_coach

Coaching, for me at least, is a very focused process that has few interruptions other than paying attention to what my client may need. But again, sometimes they do need a laugh, so infrequently, there’s a dash of humor.

Over the years, my coaching business has been one of the most rewarding things for me personally, not financially, that I’ve ever done. I don’t have a lot of time to do it, but I’ve been expanding that.

My travel is less now, by choice, so I open up more time.

If you’ve seen some previous notes the past few weeks, I’ve been promoting more openings, using special incentives and the like. While I’m getting some results, they are slower than I thought they’d be. So here we go again.

If you’re interested in “Test driving Tom,” I’ve lowered a one-hour private session from $750 to, and this looks silly, even as I write it, $47. So, silly or not, take a look at it and c’mon down.

More power to you,


P.S. I’m also offering a deep discount for new coaching clients too. Here it is:

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