My Gifts To You, Up To $1,347 In Real Value

Exclusive: This is only open to people on my lists!

I came to my computer this morning and found something that greatly improved my day.

In 2006, I met a young man who’d already been a success in a couple of businesses, landscaping and custom home building. He was very impressive. He was missing feedback and brainstorming from a neutral but experienced third party. So, we began our coaching relationship.

Today, he popped this onto my Facebook page:

“I just wanted to give some credit where it’s due. I’ve been an off and on coaching client of Tom Justin since 2006. His ability to intuitively guide me through my current life and business decisions has always been spot on. Currently, he is helping me undergo a major life transition, which is starting to see some new breakthroughs that I don’t think would have been possible without Tom’s input. Looking forward to seeing this through.”

Breakthrough Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

It started me thinking about some of my priorities. I’ve held off taking on too many coaching clients, especially one-on-one. It’s time-consuming though I can do it from anywhere and have. I did one “emergency” session with a client at midnight just after arriving in my hospital room after a day in the emergency room. She didn’t know it. I had to laugh later, thinking about it.

I love it. It’s rewarding almost beyond anything else I do. A seminar, even one with a standing ovation, doesn’t give the thrill of being able to help someone through a difficult problem or brainstorm a new way of life.

So, I’ll expand again, and you get the immediate benefits!

For every hour of coaching you select, through this Sunday evening, I will match it hour for hour, free, up to a maximum of five hours!

A real value of $1,250.

When you register by Sunday, you will also get, free, my 6-part course, “The Wizard’s Edge” currently on sale for $97.

Total value of $1,347!

Since this is only open to you because you’re on my list, this offer will not be on my coaching page. Once you register, we’ll connect with you to set our first session and give you the links to the course.

If you have any questions, call me on my private line at 702-804-2867, and I’ll answer whatever I can.

I love doing this, and I’d love to work with you.

More power to you,


P.S. As you can imagine, the number of hours available are severely limited, so don’t delay. We may cut this off at any time.