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Can You Think Like Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a true wizard
His breakthroughs seemed like magic as he defied and expanded modern science.
But he said it wasn't his education, because even after getting his Ph.D.,
he was only able to find a job as a lowly clerk.

Einstein said is breakthroughs, his creative mind, his thinking process
had nothing to do with his education or even his intelligence. He said this:

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

We all have intuition, but now you can learn to tap into your power,
what we call, "Your Inner Wizard," within 5 minutes.

The next step is to learn to use it.

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To activate Your intuition is to know something early
enough to benefit yourself without searching for it.
To have it instantly.

We call it, "The Wizard's Edge."

This is the foundation of all personal development

First Discovered At UCLA's Experimental College

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