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How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed
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Tom Justin's Seminars & Workshops

Tens of thousands of seminar participants have found Tom Justin's workshops and keynotes not only helpful, but also dynamic and entertaining. Tom brings a wealth of experience and information to the platform creating an environment of solid data wrapped in humor and emotion.

Topics (fees will be quoted upon request)


How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed
(How To Turn Everyday Rejections Into Profit & Abundance)

3 Hour Workshop
One Day Workshop

Customers Serve Us
(How To Create an Awareness and Attitude of Customer Service Throughout Your Company)


3 Hour Workshop

CPR For The Mind, Body, Soul
(Core Prosperity Renewal)

This is a unique experience that combines awareness training with the principles of inner guidance and for living a happier and less stressed life.


One or Two Day Workshop


The Unemployed Motivational Speaker
(Humor Presentation)

Audiences are often surprised at the humor that comes from Tom Justin. As someone once said to him, "Gee, you don't look like a person with a sense of humor. We were really surprised!" His early training as a stand-up comedian will help to make this program a very special and hilarious presentation for your group.


Spouse Program

For more information, fees and availability, please contact seminars@tomjustin.com

Here's what some clients and attendees have had to say about Tom Justin:

We are probably the 'fussiest' buyers for quality platform training in the world today. We feature up to twenty celebrity trainers at each program such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Harrison, etc…You have helped so many THOUSANDS to know a better life via your wisdom, teaching art, and gifts so generously shared. Please make certain your press kit features requests to call upon our organization to further define why Tom Justin is simply, one of the best trainers alive today!
Bernhard Dohrmann, Chairman, International Learning Trust.

As a professional association for speakers and trainers, NSA/NC is a pretty tough audience yet, they loved your presentation. As one our members wrote on his evaluation, 'The real-life information was invaluable.' All of the feedback that I received proved the incredible value of your information packed program.
Roseann Sullivan, president, National Speakers Association/Northern California

The rave reviews are still pouring in from our Management Training Seminar in Boston … you met and exceeded all of our expectations.
Rita Davenport. President, Arbonne International, Phoenix, AZ

Early responses indicate that we were a great success! That success is due, in large part, to the contribution that you made in presenting two very well received workshops, Create Your Own Marketing Network and Culture Shock. I heard numerous complimentary comments regarding both the materials covered and your presentation of the topics.
Cheryl Beasley, Conference Coordinator, SABRE Travel Information Network

Your twenty-two city tour for us was a great success! Many of our distributors have acknowledged their increased sales and recruiting volume directly to your rally and training tour.
Larry Proffit. International Director of Training, Nikken, Irvine, CA

I enjoyed tremendously your presentation on Saturday. It was very professional, enjoyable, and one of the best that I have heard in a long time. I was so impressed that I am recommending you to two of our companies to be a keynote speaker in their annual sales meetings.
Charles Furness, Director of Personnel, Petrolane

All my life I have had to take rejection and never quite knew how to handle it. I wish I had heard your presentation years ago - I would have been a better salesperson and a better person.
Joseph L. Koach, CAE, Koach Enterprises, Inc., Arlington, VA

Your good humor, your sage advice, your exceptional insights, and your obvious command of your subject all added up to a most memorable event.
Georgia Messemer, V.P. Programs, WE CAN Women's Network, Newport Beach, CA

Your contribution to my awakening and ultimate transformation is immeasurable. As I process through your workbook I continually discover new and surprising characteristics about myself.
Larry O. Thomas, Professional Photographer. Atlanta, GA

Perhaps I should call you maestro for you certainly orchestrated a spectacular seminar. The following day I signed up a $600,000 deal. The worth and value to me of your seminar will be a tremendous enhancement of my goals relative to my mind, family and finances.
Bruce A. Seymour, Sales Executive, Sacramento, CA

I found you motivational, inspirational, educational, and quite technical. That's unusual for a sales trainer because most of the information we get is 'fluff."
J.L. Corporate Executive Los Angeles, CA

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