What Most People Don’t Know About Professional Coaching

This article is designed to assist you in better understanding the myriad of coaching opportunities out there. It also has an incredible price reduction for you through this weekend. So, enjoy, and be sure to read to the end.

Have you seen all the coaches online lately. Wow! They seem to be everywhere in every arena, from business to hobbies.
 In my 35+ years doing this work (before it was called coaching) I’ve never seen anything like it in any job category or profession.
So, maybe this will assist you in sorting through what you should know about this confusing world, and whether it’s something you might need, either the services of a coach or perhaps to begin doing it yourself.
“Nobody likes to be told what to do.” Ever hear that one? Well, it’s not entirely true.
In fact, there are people who enter coaching relationships because that’s exactly what they want; someone to tell them what to do next.
There are coaches who are happy do just that. While specific direction, do this next, and that after, etc., can be great with tech issues or other how-to from financial to hobbies, etc., not so much in business or life decisions that require strategies and tactics. That requires a collaborator, not a dictator.
Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous “coaches” who act more like gurus with all the answers. They ensnare those needy of of help and unsure of their own strength, who then begin to rely on their “professional guru,” not coach, who is happy to tell them what to do, and exactly what they think the client wants to hear.
The only consideration these kinds of coaches have is that they’ll be paid on time. They are clever and some cases could probably be diagnosed as sociopaths. Believe me, I’ve seen the sad remnants of such people as their clients come limping out of these destructive relationships.
A great coaching relationship is a safe brainstorming alliance. It’s about sorting through issues with no fears about saying the right or wrong thing. It’s often experimental, questions, comments, ideas, trail and error. Sometimes a major problem is immediately solved by the client, not for the client, by just the right question at the right time. More on that in a moment.
One of my clients, an MD who’s been with me for many years, has included me with assisting in a variety of issues, from negotiating new office space to divorce strategies, to tactics for gaining a professorship at a major university.
Competent and experienced coaches who work with life and business strategies don’t need to know the specific field the client is in, we need to be able to communicate clearly. That’s often a challenge for the inexperienced coach.
My first “client” came when a well-known actor asked my advice about some professional issues he was having at the time. I was only 22-years-old (A long time ago :  ) and while I didn’t know about those things, somehow I asked the right questions that put him on the path to resolution.
As a result he gifted me with referrals that started an amazing and wonderful career path as an personal advisor, corporate consultant and then years later, a strategy coach that covers both business and personal issues.
Most great coaches use their intuition, whether they’re aware of it or not. That’s what I was doing with my first client, and I had no idea what or why. It wasn’t until much later, when I taught a class on mind power and intuition at UCLA’s Experimental College that I realized what the driving force, well beyond experience, that raw intuition played in my professional coaching and even normal problem solving with friends and associates.
For example, in a session last week there was an opportunity for my new client to advance his career. He was stuck and unable to make a “safe” decision. I asked him one question that made him light up and immediately solved his problem that had been weighing on him for weeks.
Now, notice that I didn’t solve his problem, he did. Why? Because only he had the answer to my question.
Though the question was easy, like most of us, he was more conscious of the problem than he was of potential solutions outside of his first reaction to the challenge at hand.
Problems can dissolve when we shift from being problem conscious to solution conscious.
I didn’t tell him what to do or even, in that case, make a suggestion. He answered the question with information only he had. But it was the right question at the perfect time.
While I’ve never like the term “coach” for this kind of work, it’s now universally accepted. There are parallels to sporting coaches and every great athlete has had at least one. Most successful people rely on some kinds of professional advisory services.
I’ve had business and celebrity clients who were extraordinarily successful. All of them shared at least one trait, they knew they didn’t do it alone. While they may have been the final decision makers, they found third-party input often invaluable.
This week, what I call my “intuitive click” compelled me to reach out to those who may not be able to afford my services at the current rates. I’ve reduced prices across the board by 50% through the weekend.
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More power to you,
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