Why Do You Think The Way You Do?

This is something I often present to new coaching clients. It’s sometimes difficult for this kind of self-exam to take place without a neutral form of assistance. But ask yourself some of these questions and see how you feel.

Do you ever take the time to stop and think about why you think the way you do?

Who was your major influence in life that brought you to the conclusions about life that you have now? If you really consider those things today, without the influence of “back then,” would you likely reach the same conclusions?

For example, if your birth parents we’re Muslims but as a newborn you were were turned over to adoptive parents who were faithful Catholics, your predominate beliefs would be what today?

How did your college professors or other teachers change your mind about previous beliefs in life, politics, relationships, etc.? Knowing what you know now, would you still feel the same way if they were presenting you with that information now?

Why we think the way we do, act as we act, justify as we justify, are all worthwhile questions for introspection from time to time. Yet some people feel challenged when asked to consider this. Why?

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