"This Has Got To Stop!"

Have you been saying that to yourself lately?

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Tom Justin

What If You Had Access To The Same Personal Adviser Used By Movie Stars,
Corporate Executves, Authors, High Net Worth Individuals, and Entrepreneurs?

What's an intuitive coach? How does that work with your business and life coaching?

Frustration Is Not The Solution
To Your Problems

Stuck! Stopped! Stupid!

"I'm stuck, stopped, and I feel stupid!" Said the voice over the phone. A client had referred him to me and what I already knew was that this man was an accomplished businessman, author, and the creator of some innovative breakthroughs in his specialty. He certainly wasn't stupid.

"I feel alone and isolated, though I'm surrounded by friends, family, and great business associates, but with no one to talk to," he continued. His personal and business problems had been piling up for awhile. He wasn't getting what he thought was honest feedback by those closest to him. He was also not comfortable in fully revealing the root cause of some of his issues.

The first step in solutions and overcoming overwhelm is to discover if you're problem conscious or solution conscious. And, as you can guess; if your stuck, you're almost always in a problem conscious mode.

This is one time where focus is not a good thing. By being riveted by problems you will miss the creative breakthroughs necessary to discover solutions.

Within a few sessions we were able to get to the foundation of his problems and brainstorm the adequate solutions. From then on it was catching them as they came and not allowing them to pile up.

A Solution Technique For Difficult Problems

Recall a time when you had a problem so big that you could hardly imagine getting through it. You could hardly imagine life without that challenge being a part of it. I may have been in school, in love, business, military service or any other part of your life.

In business or in life, getting stuck is unaffordable. Solutions have to found and found quickly. Here are three things to consider when stuck:

1. Acknowledge the problem. Magnify it, inspect it. Attempt to understand it better and how it may have come about. If you feel blame towards any third party, fine, but then come back to yourself. What was your part in it? We are always a part of the problems we have.

Don’t berate yourself over it. Pledge to learn from it, even if it’s as simple as increasing your awareness. Which is something worthwhile to tune in to daily, regardless of how well things are going.

2. Know that there is a solution for it. Yes, there is a solution, somewhere, somehow. People at any given moment are either problem conscious or solution conscious. As long as you’re the former, the problem can’t possibly be solved. Shift!

3. Shift from the problem to considering only the potential solutions. Write out everything you can think of without judging anything. Do this until you run out of ideas, Even if they're crazy ideas, write them down. I find that freehand works well for me instead of typing them. Take a 5-minute break from it. Then go back and review, crossing out anything that doesn't resonate with you. In many cases, this will create "creative triggers" that will take you to another level of possibilities. 

4. T.A.N Take Action NOW. Problems can have only one of two outcomes, solved or unsolved. The key is focusing only on potential solutions. 

Impatience will be your greatest enemy if it brings you to quitting. Sometimes your solution may be to go another way, join with another person, remove yourself from negative people who frequently say, "Oh, that won't work." Quitting a job is not the same as quitting. Quitting a project may not be either. Failures are only temporary. Just think of all the great works that were never realized because their creators quit before completion!

Who Can You Trust For Advice and Brainstorming?

If you have a problem, whether a single situation that needs action soon or an ongoing series of challenges, whether in your business or personal life, you need honest, reliable, and confidential feedback. Those closest to us are frequently not the ones who, thought they'd love to do it, are capable of it.

Many new coaching and consulting clients find me because they are stuck and overwhelmed. Their resources for problem solving were thin or if they were corporate, and everyone was in "trees" and couldn't see the "forest."Because of my varied background (see below) and methodology, I deal with many types of issues.

One client, a psychiatrist came for a session because he needed advice on a major business negotiation. Six years later, he's still a client with an annual arrangement. We meet weekly by phone, and we deal on issues from business to dating. I even took his call one night on an emergency issue at almost midnight. The irony was I'd just been moved to a hospital room  from the ER and was hooked up with tubes all over my body. Of course, he didn't know this and and we had a great session for an hour. It boosted my spirits too!

Another man, a TV star at the time, was overwhelmed with movie offers. He was being pulled from all sides to make different choices. Agents, who get a nice commission, were going for the big money right off. Everyone around him had an opinion. The dangers were that making the wrong choices early could tank or at least damage an exploding career.

While I suggested he listen to respected opinions, I showed him a technique to trigger his natural intuitive abilities. When you use your intuition in the beginning of an opportunity and again when you're ready to make your decision, you'll have the edge, a very big edge. I don't know if he used it, but he did include me in list of people he thanked in full-page ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore From Flickr

Q: What is intuitive coaching?

A: We are all gifted with intuition. It flows to us like air over a sailboat. The more sail, the more power. Those who call themselves intuitive naturally know how to trust and use their intuition. Some people learn through trial and error, while others consciously learn how to use it.

An intuitive coach is one who has conscious use of his or her intuitive abilities. An intuitive generally relies on feedback, a give and take to help certify their intuitive feelings.This is by no means "psychic."

The experienced and conscious intuitive knows how to source their feelings and sense if they are receiving an "Intuitive Tickle," (a hunch) or an "Intuitive Click" (A physiological hit that has proven to be right more than wrong).

Intuition greatly enhances the interaction with clients and can be of great benefit, and shorten the search for solutions to vexing problems.

Breakthroughs, Solutions, and Forward Thinking

Many clients, like that psychiatrist, come  for a single problem. They've either run out of resources, or they don't feel comfortable going to someone they know, or they just don't know where to go.

Most coaching begins with short-term or even a single session to deal with an isolated problem. Ongoing coaching and advisory services are no longer for only the richest among us. It's no longer uncommon from entrepreneurs to upwardly thinking employees to even professional poker players to employee professional coaching.

Q: Is it better to use a specialist or generalist for a coach?

Very specific areas call for specific expertise. Accounting, engineering, design, etc.

Personal, business, or social coaching demands a certain kind of experience and a coach that can serve in more than one capacity of expertise is most in demand here.

Previous Areas Covered In My Coaching and Consulting

  • Business development and strategies – Over the years, as a consultant, I've worked with literally hundreds of companies, large and small. From American Airlines, Entrepreneur Magazine, Rexall, a multi-billion dollar Japanese company to dozens of entrepreneurs and start-ups. My business coaching clients have included Fortune 500 executives to solopreneurs.
  • Personal, relationship, and dating advice – Author of the book, "Relationship Breakthroughs," Applying business success principles to love, relationships, and dating. Conducted numerous seminars and workshops on the topic.
  •  Professional Speaker Guidance and Coaching – Over 35 years as a professional speaker. I conducted numerous seminars for speakers and trainers over the years, including serving as a mentor for new speakers through the National Speaker's Association (NSA) in Los Angeles.
  •  Writing and book publishing – In addition to publishing my own books, I've "shepherded" other books for clients from the creative to publishing. In my current capacity, I can help guide, via my coaching techniques, the author through the various stages of the creative process and publishing strategies.
  • ​Internet strategies –  I've been online since before the Internet as we know it today began, I was the co-creator of one of first basic training programs for Internet marketers. Through my coaching and advisory services, I help the entrepreneur through the the labyrinth of the Internet maze.
  • Professional Brainstorming – Some clients are primarily interested in ongoing brainstorming services. Weekly sessions of wild interaction about possibilities and creation. We may soon offer these to small groups as well.
  • Spiritual Support – While I'm not religious in the classical sense, spirituality and connection with a Universal Being, regardless of the name, has long been important to me. I've studied comparative religions as a layman and don't require too many names or cultural identities to feel the energy of God. Some people find this support the most important of their coaching experience. It's only by request.

Here's What Others Have To Say About Tom Justin's Work

Baeth DavisYourPurpose.com

I consider Tom one of one of my key business advisers for project planning and business management.”

“I just had an amazing ‘Wizard Session’ with Tom Justin
that was quite surprising in its accuracy. He told me
detailed and specific information about my business and
what to watch out for in terms of challenges,
opportunities and areas for discovery.

Tom brings his considerable knowledge and experience in intuitive
work, business management and online marketing to the
session. Totally worth it!

I consider him one of my key business advisers for project planning and
business management.”

Dr. Virgil Beasley


Having served on the Board of Directors of the International Coach
Federation and myself earned their highest recognition as a Master Coach, I can say with certainty that you excel many of the Master Coaches.

While they were finishing degrees and certifications, you were in the trenches creating results.”There have been numerous times that your laser coaching has been just the nudge or "Ah Ha" that made a crucial difference in my thinking out of the box and realizing outcomes beyond what I alone would have allowed myself.

I very much appreciate that you are my trusted advisor and exceptional coach."

Dr. Marel McKinley

I know I derived unprecedented intuitive help from the intense consultations you helped me with.

“You do have a gift that is intuitive and surpasses that of other
“business consultants, advisors or coaches”.
You are truly gifted and the world can greatly benefit from your intuition and astute business

Tom MuzillaTomMuzilla.com

I trust his instincts and his knowledge. I would wholeheartedly take advantage of any course, seminar or speaking engagement he offers.

“As a martial arts trainer, former Special Forces
member, protection specialist, and consultant to feature
films, I’ve had to rely on my intuition as much as my
physical skills numerous times.

“Tom Justin has the ability to simultaneously operate
in an active environment while using his intuitive
skills to help himself and others around him.

“I trust his instincts and his knowledge. I would
wholeheartedly take advantage of any course, seminar or
speaking engagement he offers.”

Francis CostanzoPresident, GMX, International

Worth the entire year of fees..

“Your advice to me on the first day of your
consultation was worth the entire year of fees,
even if you gave nothing more than that, which you most
certainly did.”

Lark WilliamsRadio, TV & Film Personality and Brand Ambassador

His predictions were right all the way!

Before a second meeting with a potential investor, I
asked Tom to coach me. He not only made suggestions
about how to set the tone for the meeting, he also
predicted how the investor would act. His predictions
were right all the way! He also showed me how to get
behind the scenes of any meeting to discover hidden
agendas. His advice has been right on. I’m so glad that
he’s just a phone call or email away.

Joe VitaleCo-star "The Secret" and multiple best-selling author

Tom, you've finally cracked the intuition code!

Rob DodsonPresident

We work with local to Fortune 500 companies and have entrusted clients to Tom Justin’s care, and he has never disappointed us.

“Just having him on-call can be well worth his fees. Like a fire extinguisher, it’s there when you need it and very well missed if you don’t have its availability.”

Diane Estradawww.LetYourLolaOut.com

Our weekly mastermind sessions were powerful and insightful.

“When I first met Tom Justin, I was VP of Information Technology for a $9 billion dollar international corporation. Our weekly mastermind sessions were powerful and insightful.

Tom’s stream of consciousness and direct approach to challenges and creative problem solving helped me and others immeasurably. I look forward to future Wizard Sessions with him."

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Coaching Specials

Could This Former Consultant To Entrepreneur Magazine And Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs Help You Too?

Single Session

Single sessions are often used to assist the client with specific challenges in their work or personal lives.

Choose Your Area;
Personal, Business or Both

  • New Clients - 15 additional minutes at no charge
  • One post-session follow-up email



Four Sessions

This is the beginning of serious exploration and creative problem solving.

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  • New Clients - 30 additional minutes at no charge.
  • 2 email questions per week.




3 months @ 1 per week

The great success in coaching comes from long-term follow-up.

Choose Your Area;
Personal, Business or Both

  • New Clients - 30 additional minutes at no charge.
  • 4 email questions per week.



Look What Else They've Been Saying

"Perhaps I should call you maestro . . . The following day I signed up a $600,000 deal. The worth and value to me of your work will be a tremendous enhancement of my goals relative to my mind, family and finances."

Bruce A. Seymour,
Sacramento, CA

"Your contribution to my awakening and ultimate transformation is immeasurable. As I process through your work I continually discover new and surprising characteristics about myself."

Larry O. Thomas
Atlanta, GA

"Tom, You were 100% accurate! Your sharing of your intuition about me knowing and being close turned me around. I feel like you were sent to me as the support I will never ask for. Please know that you have made a difference in my life and I feel blessed to know you."


"Tom, I really enjoyed your words of wisdom. They are ringing so true for me as I am learning to have a better understanding of who I am and what I need to do to grow in all areas of my life . Sometimes hard to look at but definitely worth its weight in gold."

Diana Crosby
Riverside, CA

"All my life I have had to take rejection and never quite knew how to handle it. I wish I had heard your presentation years ago - I would have been a better salesperson and a better person."

Joseph L. Koach,
CAE, Koach Enterprises, Inc.

"Tom Justin gave a talk to over 1,000 of our students, titled, “How To Be A More Powerful Student.” He was able to hold the attention of a very difficult audience, considering the age and attention span of many junior high students."

​Tom Normandeau,
The Riverside School District

What's Your Gift?

We often hear about "gifted people." Someone who is outstanding in a specific area may be seen as gifted.

Well, we are all gifted but many of us don't understand our own gift or don't appreciate them.  That's not unusual.

What I've enjoyed doing as a speaker, writer, coach, and entrepreneur has been uncovering and working with, the talent and abilities of others.

At the age of 22 when I "accidentally" began doing what we now call, Intuitive coaching, I was amazed and confused by it. It lead me to a lifetime of discovery about the hidden abilities of the human being. Personal growth, transformation, mind power, and resilience. I became what one friend described as an "experiencer." You can read my bio below.

I followed my curiosities and experimented with things that interested me. I jokingly say that I missed so many "boats" in my life that began naming piers after me. But the ones I caught, what a ride!

I found out that my scary (to me) intuition wasn't all that unusual. I began a quest of discovery about mind power and what forces, seen and unseen, were available to us. I taught a course at UCLA's Experimental College on the subject, which opened my mind even further.

I had great teachers and more than one mysterious mentor. The most mysterious was a woman I literally met under a rock in the middle of the desert. A long story for elsewhere. But she showed me that we all have a core of inner-wisdom, or as I playfully call it, "Your Inner Wizard."Much of my work became about helping others to realize their inner-powers and wisdom.

While I love personal and small group coaching, I don't have the time I'd like to do more of it. So, for those of you who can join me, I'm looking forward to our explorations together.

More power to you,

P.S.: I welcome your questions, so feel free to write me at TJ AT TomJustin.com. And  if you'd like to arrange brief phone call, please let me know.

About Tom Justin

“The Wizard Of AHA’s,” is what one client called Tom Justin. Problem solving is the basis of Tom’s work in coaching, consulting, writing and speaking.

Tom’s approach to solutions comes with a high degree of intuition, decades of experience and results with clients from American Airlines, Entrepreneur Magazine, celebrities and people from all walks of life.

Tom brings an eclectic background which spans the arts to business to the worlds of spirituality and mind power to his many audiences around the world.

Unlike many younger and less experienced coaches, Tom Justin didn’t graduate from some online coaching course with a “degree.” His 35+ years of experience in business, personal growth, writing, speaking, and private coaching, (before it was called coaching), equips him with an multitude of tools to use for the solutions you need in business and life in general.

Throughout his adult life, Tom has been a professional communicator in all mediums. He has trained tens of thousands on the topics of personal, business and spiritual development.

Tom’s topics are as diverse as marketing, Internet strategies, creative writing, business start-ups and using your intuition in everyday life.

As a guest lecturer at UCLA’s Experimental College for a six week series entitled, “Power Mind,” designed to increase awareness and intuition, Tom developed the program known today as “The Wizard’s Edge.”

Because of his interest as a researcher and actualizer of the powers of the mind, Tom was elected president of The Society for Psychical Research of Beverly Hills, California.

Tom produced and hosted a series of TV specials entitled, “Psychic Explorations,” that included interviewing a variety of experts in quantum physics, psychics and scientists on the powers of the mind. He also served as a special reporter for the Metromedia News Network on the same topics.

In addition to Tom’s seminars, he has been a highly sought after marketing consultant as well as co-founder/senior executive of a Beverly Hills multi-million dollar marketing corporation.

Tom is the creator of the websites, YourInnerWizard.com, YourInnerMarketer.com and several online marketing and transformational programs.

Tom’s book, “How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed,” is a book about overcoming and using rejection in your personal and business life. A senior publishing executive remarked that it contained a surprising blend of spiritual principles for such a business based book. It has garnered positive reviews from Jack Canfield, Larry King and readers worldwide.

Tom’s been featured in Reader’s Digest and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He is currently working on a new book and course soon to be announced.


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